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Please help us welcome our new Principal, Pamela Marton!  

And here is her letter of introduction

Our first day of school will be Tuesday Aug 16 - see you then!

Also, we have room for incoming Kindergarteners!  Westwood parents:  If you live within the area bounded by Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards, Sepulveda Boulevard, and the Los Angeles Country Club, then your home school is Fairburn Avenue Elementary.  staining

____________________________________________________________________________  Please see the news broadcast done by our very own Fairburn students!


___________________________________________________________________________        Don't forget about Ice Cream Fridays!  Please send your kids with $1 for a delicious icy treat.  All money raised goes to the school.


The proposed PTA budget can be found (822) 659-9793.  Please contact our Treasurer, Fariba Rouzrouch with any questions at (212) 381-8337.  The budget will be put to a vote in December.


October is College Awareness month and each classroom has been spending some time talking to the students about colleges.  All classes decorated for College Day!  Check out the great pictures here.


Please help the Fairburn carline working!  More info here


Help us create a community at Fairburn!  Please complete the communication that came home in your childs' folder, asking to participate in the school directory.  The cutoff to participate is Sept 15, 2015.


Congratulations to our newly elected boards!

2015-2016 PTA Board Members:

President: Cynthia Brewer

Executive VP: Mou Chatterjee

Vice President: Nina Beral

Treasurer: Fariba Rouzroch

Co-Secretary: Brian Simon, Neda Azzizi

Parliamentarian: Sheila Abai

 2015-2016 PTA Board

2015-2016 FYA Board Members:

Co-President: David Lassman, Bradley Harris

Vice-President: Charlie Stickney, Katharine Harris

Co-Treasurer: John Sasaki, Fidel Carrillo, Darrell Harris

Secretary: Leigh Spencer

Parliamentarian: Rob Beral

Special Projects Coordinator: Alex Wilson

Communications Coordinator: Lindsay Rielly

Co-Marketing Coordinator: Suki Medencevic, John Bergquist, Visalaya Hirunpidok, Cheryl Keyes-N'gom 

2015-2016 PTA Board

Fairburn News & Announcments


Read all about Fairburn news and announcements updated several times per week.  Archives of news stories are also available here.


Mrs. Marantz leads our wonderful group of budding writers in our Journalism group. Read Fairburn's (847) 451-4547.

(708) 873-4981

If you're going to shop, you might as well help Fairburn along the way. Here are a bunch of vendors (Amazon, Ralphs, etc.) that will give back to Fairburn when you shop through our links.

Easy Ways to Raise Money for Fairburn!

Please help us in these very easy ways raise money for our wonderful school.





“Mission Possible”


Dear Parents of Fairburn Read-a-thon Agents,


            Your child will be participating in Operation Read-a-thon, “Mission Possible.”


What is the Read-a-thon?

            The Read-a-thon is a program to promote literacy and create good reading habits that will last a lifetime.  It is also a time to help our school to promote unity and community spirit.  Their “Mission” is to read 30 minutes each night for the month of February.


How does my child participate in the Read-a-thon?

            The reading is part of your child’s curriculum and every child is asked to participate.  Your child will read and log his/her minutes read each day.  (This includes the time they are read to by a parent).


What makes it special and fun?

            A Grade Level PJ Day for the students at Fairburn School, and “Turn Off TV Tuesday” for agents (students) that hand in their permission slip on time.


How will my child be rewarded?

            The obvious reward it to develop a lifetime habit and joy of reading.  Each student who meets his/her goal will receive a book. (pending donations)


When is the Read-a-thon?

            The reading begins Monday, February 1, 2016 and lasts for 4 weeks, ending on March 1st.  March 4th will be a special day to celebrate the “father” of the “I Can Read” series, Dr. Seuss.  (His birthday is March 2nd)



AGENTS:  Read through these instructions to accomplish your Mission.


Wednesday, January 27th:  You will receive  your packet.

            If you want to join in the fun of “Turn Off TV Tuesday”, GET YOUR PERMISSION SLIP SIGNED AND RETURN IT NO LATER THAN THEN END OF THE SCHOOL DAY, (2:24 p.m.) FRIDAY, JANUARY 29TH.  No late slips will be accepted, No exceptions.

            MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the next FOUR TUESDAYS, FEBRUARY 2, 9, 16, and 23rd read from 6:45-7:45p.m.

Collect great books to read.


Friday, January 29th:  Turn in Permission Slip

Monday, February 1st:  Reading begins...for 4 weeks.

Record your reading in your week 1 log. (Optional: available on Fairburn Website)


Tuesday, February 2nd: TURN OFF TV TUESDAY


Monday, February 8th: Last day of week 1 Reading Log Option: (available online, Fairburn website) Copy your minutes from week 1 onto your week 2 and 3 logs.

Hand in your week 1 reading log to your classroom teacher tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 9th:  TURN OFF TV TUESDAY


Wednesday, February 10th:  KINDERGARTEN/ 1st  GRADE Pajama Dress-up Day


Monday, February 15th:  Last day of week 2 Reading Log Option:

Copy your minutes on to your week 3 reading log.  Hand in your week 2 log tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 16th: TURN OFF TV TUESDAY          

Wednesday, February 17th:  2nd/3rd grade Pajama Dress-up Day


Monday 22nd:  Last day of week 3 Reading Log Option

            Copy your minutes on to your week 4 reading log.

            Hand in your week 3 log to your classroom teacher tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 23rd:  FINAL TURN OFF TV TUESDAY

Wednesday, February 24th: 4th / 5th grade Pajama Dress-Up


Tuesday, March 1st:  Last day of reading! 

            Hand in your week 4 reading log to your classroom teacher tomorrow.

Friday, March 4th: Assembly to celebration of the end of Fairburn’s Read-a-thon and Dr. Seuss’s Birthday.  Students wear paper book jackets describing their favorite book.


Permission Slip:  2016 Read-a-thon Permission Slip

Parent Volunteer From:  8882490090

Student Reading Logs:  small goods

2016 Read-a-thon Permission Slip

permission slip 2016

2016 Read-a-thon Volunteer Form

parent volunteer- turn off TV

2016 Read-a-thon Reading Logs


readathon week 1.2016
readathon week 2.2016
readathon week 3.2016
readathon week 4.2016

Fairburn Elementary School
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